Since 1988, Delta CPM assists Project Managers in resolving construction disputes.
Differing site conditions, out-of-scope work, design deficiencies, delays, and acceleration can impact project productivity.
Increased project costs must be clearly documented and presented to avoid misunderstandings from becoming legal liabilities.

Construction disputes involve changes to the project resulting in delays, out-of-sequence work, and acceleration. To settle construction issues timely, it is essential to present causes, effects and responsibility clearly.


Margins are tighter, contract durations are shorter, and increasingly more sophisticated professionals are hired to protect interests. Project management techniques must be adjusted to respond to the burden of proving additional costs and identifying the causes.

More than ever before, complex construction projects result in delays and cost overruns for Owners, Contractors, and Subcontractors. Extra costs and delays may be caused by incomplete plans, defective specifications, poor coordination, differing site conditions, non-performance, and other factors which affect even the most carefully planned project.

Many companies and public agencies are unable to maintain the in-house expertise necessary to efficiently analyze the impacts of changes and claims. This expertise may not be needes on all projects, but when the need arises, Delta CPM can help.

Delta CPM provides cost-effective project management solutions for "problem" jobs to resolve construction disputes, analyze defects and manage construction claims.